Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Try Interactive Listening

Salam Barakah.. May Allah bless our life. Today, I want to share to all of you about something. Its very nice for our knowledgement and good information to refresh, but what the topic? Do you see the topic header at this post. Yeahh, I want share about it.

Try Interactive Listening

The principle of using interactivity as a creativity builder is not restricted to computer games or chat rooms. Once we become fully conscious of this principle, we can find ways to become more interactive everywhere. We can even make conversations with our family and friends more interactive than they once were.

We all have certain business associates or family members that we think of as we do television sets. As they speak to us, we have a feeling that we already know what they're going to say. This lowers our own consciousness level, and a form of mental laziness sets in.

Whereas in the past we might have just passively suffered through other people's monologues, we can now begin introducing more interactivity. In the past we might have punctuated our sleepy listening with meaningless words and phrases, such as 'exactly' and 'there you go,' but we weren't truly listening. but that passive approach shortchanges ourselves and the people we are listening to.

"When we are listened to," say Brenda Ueland, "it creates us, make us unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come to life."

The more thoughtful our questions get to be, the more interactive the conversations. Look for opportunities for interactivity to motivate yourself to higher levels of experience.

p/s: Now, whats your oponion. =)
Let think together. It just one of 100 ways to motivate yourself.

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